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If you have been thinking about contacting a Therapist but have found it difficult to decide who to choose, then I hope I can help with this first and most important step.

Psychotherapy is built on the relationship of trust and you are right to consider your choice of Therapist carefully. Not all Therapists work from the same theoretical background and it is important that this choice fits your current difficulties and challenges you are bringing.

It is also as important that you feel relaxed, safe and in a non judgemental environment with your Therapist in order to work as therapeutically as possible, feeling validated and comfortable.

This first step can be achieved in an initial 50 minute assessment where we gather information before looking at the difficulties that prompted you to come and talk. This gives us both time and vital knowledge of whether we both feel we can work successfully together and therefore that you gain the correct support you need to make the changes or face the challenges in your life. If we feel we are not a suitable match for working together, then I can assist you to find someone who is.

Psychotherapy is not just listening but can be extremely challenging at times and therefore the better the relationship we build the more supported, honest and open you can be.  This is key!

Please check out the about me page for more information - thank you.